In the beginning…

leanne posterHi…this is where I begin…the first post on my professional blog. I’ve been keeping a personal blog describing life in Japan – ramblings relevant to family and friends about what we are up to on the other side of the world. I thought it was time to create a ‘professional’ blog where I could muse about my life as a school librarian and lifelong learner.

Wow! there is just so much to keep up with, it’s overwhelming….new books, web 2.0, magazines, library management systems, literacy resources, hardware, software, databases, authors, podcasts, library classes, teaching, reading and…. LIFE!  How do we fit it all in??? I ask myself that everyday. It’s hard to prioritise…where do you start? There’s so much I want to learn, know and share….. Hopefully I can bring some sense to it all by reflecting on this blog, learning and sharing as I make my way…

By the way, this picture is one of a series of “read”posters capturing our teachers that I created to promote reading in our school. This is me dressed as guess who?


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