Improving my practice

I have been remiss in not posting more regularly to my blog. Life is busy and I am juggling graduate studies with full time work. Not entirely a valid excuse I know, but my work and students come first, my studies follow and then blogging fits in when it can!

Recently I’ve been preparing an assignment for my graduate classes that involves looking at research in schools. I decided to focus on school library research and most particularly on effective library media programs. I am looking specifically at flexible scheduling in PYP school libraries. I am just beginning on my literature review and have discovered considerable research that indicates the benefits of flexible scheduling in school libraries, for example, van Deusen and Putnam, however as far as I can tell, little or no research that focuses on the PYP environment.

I continue to review the literature (see my delicious bookmarks for more links on flexible scheduling) and will come back to this post as I progress.

Meanwhile take a look at this webcast by Dr R Todd entitled “But do they learn anything? School libraries, meaningful learning and productive pedagogy in information age schools” Dr Todd’s research is prolific and significant to the development of effective school library programmes worldwide. His website lists all his work and is well worth a visit.


One thought on “Improving my practice

  1. Linda Hayakawa says:

    You said
    “I have been remiss in not posting more regularly to my blog.”

    You have got to be kidding!! I get tired just reading all the things you are posting here, on Facebook and Twitter. Super librarian!!!! You are amazing. Lin

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