Words….they are so powerful. Some people are truly gifted with words… they uplift, they challenge, they provoke, they inspire… I am so excited that Web 2.0 allows me to share in the words of others and be moved by them in some way.

I struggle with writing….I find it difficult and I am so envious of those to whom words seem to come so easily. Those same people motivate me and challenge me to be better.

In my searching, sifting and sorting through the web and on twitter I have found diamonds…people, blogs and “twitterers” who have meaningful and pertinent things to say.

We all need inspiration. These are a few who inspire and challenge me. I love visiting them for fresh ideas and perspectives….


How can you not be inspired by TED? Recently I have enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert speaking on creative genius, Aimee Mullins (overcoming adversity – WOW!), and Dave Eggers (Once upon a school…). Please visit TED to view and hear some truly inspiring words, you won’t be disappointed.


The Unquiet Librarian quietly inspires us on her blog with wonderful insights and links. Her use of web 2.0 and cloud computing in her professional life and school library is impressive. Visit her blog and be inspired!


Kim Cofino, Technology Integration Specialist at the International School of Bangkok, is a powerhouse of inspiration when it comes to technology integration across the curriculum. Her blog is definitely worth a very regular visit!

You are Never Alone

Kerrie Smith is an educator and Executive Officer, Professional Learning and Online Communities at edna in Australia. She is an online learning enthusiast and supporter with lots of inspiring things to say at her blog.

Thank you to all these inspirational people for helping me learn2learn! Visit my netvibe to see who else regularly inspires me…


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