Digital Citizenship

We recently ran what we hope will be the first of many workshops for parents on Digital Citizenship. In our workshop we focused on social media and most particularly Facebook. Recently we have had some incidents in our school of students creating facebook groups that fall in to the realm of cyberbullying and we wanted to highlight this to both parents and students as well as focus on the strengths and advantages of social media sites such as Facebook.

Our school does not block these sites, indeed we actively promote the use of social media, most particularly nings, wikis, and  skype, but also flickr, youtube and facebook, and for the young ones, club penguin. In an international school environment where students have friends and family located all around the world it is vital for them to maintain these friendships and support networks, and social media provides the perfect medium for this.


Libraries @21c

I love all the great material that the ‘cloud’ allows me to access freely.  Colleagues in my PLN around the world generously share their work and open the door to a treasure of learning resources that keep me plugged in and up-to-speed. Here are two great presentations that were recently shared via my PLN.

Ever wondered about the ‘Cloud’, what it is, what it means for libraries? This presentation by @elyssa covers all the bases:

and from @heyjudeonline, this fabulous presentation about the semantic web – something we all need to be more informed about:

I have included both these resources on my Library2.0 netvibe page – my ‘out-loud’ thinking and reflecting page of stuff on 21c libraries. There’s just so many wonderful resources to help schools and school librarians move their libraries into the 21c. No excuses….