Library of the Early Mind

Library of the Early Mind “is an exploration of the art and impact of children’s literature on our kids, our culture, and ourselves. From the first stories we hear told to us to those childhood heroes that stay with us a lifetime, the impact on our culture runs deeper than what we might expect…..
The film features nearly 40 prominent authors and illustrators talking about their work, its genesis and its impact.”

This documentary is now screening in selected venues in the United States, I wonder when it will be available in Australia? I’d love to see it….

I’ve posted on the Library of the Early Mind Facebook page to ask them.


21st century library

Our library is to undergo a transformation at the end of this school year. We are currently working with the architects to create a blueprint for a 21st century learning space that will effectively meet the needs of our school community.

The headmaster announced the transformation in a recent school newsletter:

It is a challenging and exciting time involving many hours of research, planning, dreaming, and brainstorming. I’ve found inspiration through my PLN and via the web. Some of the resources I’ve found to be particularly helpful and inspiring:

I have gathered these and many other resources here on my Library2.0 netvibe page.
This past week I was asked to write a brief statement about our library transformation for the school newsletter. Here is what I wrote:

“In last week’s newsletter the Headmaster introduced the exciting changes we are about to undertake to transform our library. At TIGS we recognize and acknowledge that the library has a critical role in 21st century teaching and learning.  Our vision for the new “transformed” TIGS library is based on research and best practice. It will be

  • an “iCentre” – the school hub of innovation & information where we explore and use new technologies (mobile technologies, video conferencing, and other interactive technologies)
  • a flexible learning space that embraces 21st century pedagogies and encourages collaborative, inquiry based learning practices with movable furniture and technologies to suit different learning experiences
  • a window to the world providing technologies, such as video conferencing, that enable TIGS teachers, students & parents to communicate and share with experts, authors, students & educators locally and globally
  • a supportive & welcoming environment where specialists help students learn to access, use and share information & technology wisely and critically
  • a place of wonder – an inviting & stimulating environment where children and young people are encouraged to exercise their curiosity and explore and share in the wonder of books and reading.

 Our library specialists are currently building a digital library presence to support TIGS teaching and learning 24/7 via the web.

Visit the library web page and view our LibGuides designed to assist and scaffold students as they learn to research and seek out quality information sources.”

The process of rethinking, rebuilding and re-branding our library has just begun….