Library of the Early Mind

Library of the Early Mind “is an exploration of the art and impact of children’s literature on our kids, our culture, and ourselves. From the first stories we hear told to us to those childhood heroes that stay with us a lifetime, the impact on our culture runs deeper than what we might expect…..
The film features nearly 40 prominent authors and illustrators talking about their work, its genesis and its impact.”

This documentary is now screening in selected venues in the United States, I wonder when it will be available in Australia? I’d love to see it….

I’ve posted on the Library of the Early Mind Facebook page to ask them.


Apples & Oranges

One of the people in my PLN on twitter is Angela Maiers, an educational author and consultant who has some wonderful resources available on her website. Be sure to visit there.

Her model lesson with Grade 4 students on fiction and non-fiction reading is terrific. Angela uses an apples and oranges metaphor to differentiate between non-fiction and fiction reading. I love this metaphor. Such a simple and effective way to illustrate both the importance of balanced reading and the different way we read fiction and non-fiction books.